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established in 2018

R E N D E Z V O U S  is a result of a mid-life crisis.  The end.

No, but really. I am a part-time NICU nurse that has been practicing since 2004.  2018 was full of change, and I realized I wanted to start something new and creative in my life.  Thus enter, the shop. 

I was born and raised in Texas (hello, Dallas/Fort Worth), and in 2014 I moved to San Francisco with my husband and two kids not knowing a single soul in the city (you can read more about our adventures from my short-lived blog here).  We were in corporate housing for a few months before we decided on renting in North Beach due to it's proximity to Luke's job.  After almost 4 years we've fallen in love with San Francisco and with North Beach.  

Let's Rendezvous!